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Dermalogica DNA 1 online: Discovering Top Sellers

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Throughout this course you will discover and experience Dermalogica’s core concepts and top selling products; and how they can be used to make you and your business successful

Here is the workshop outline:

1. Welcome | The Dermalogica Story

In this module you will meet Jane Wurwand, the founder and visionary of Dermalogica.You will learn where the Dermalogica story began to where we are today. Duration: approx.10 mins

package DNA 1 Module one
comments Module One Discussion: Welcome | The Dermalogica Story

2. Introduction to Face Mapping | Cleansers | Exfoliants

During this module you will be introduced to Face Mapping, plus meet all the top selling Dermalogica retail cleansers and exfoliants. And to finish connect with your fellow Professional Skin Therapists by joining on the discussion. Duration: approx. 15 mins

package DNA 1 Module Two
comments Module Two Discussion

3. Toners | Moisturizers | Daylight Defense

Module three will have you exploring the Dermalogica Toners, Moisturizers and our extensive Daylight Defense options. To finish join in on the conversation in the discussion. Duration: approx. 15 mins

package Module Three: Toners | Moisturizers | Daylight Defense
comments Module Three Discussion

4. Targeted Treatments | Masques

Discover Dermalogica's 'problem solvers' in the Trageted Treatments category, plus learn all about our retail Masque options in Module four. Duration: approx. 20 mins

package DNA 1 Module Four
comments Module Four Discussion

5. Eye Treatments | Primers and Tints | Next Steps

Module five completes the Dermalogica Top Sellers by exploring the extensive options in Eye Treatments, finishing with the last step in skin care and the first step in make-up with Primers and Tines. To close learn what the next steps are to becoming Certified, and join us in the final discussion. Duration: approx. 15 mins

package DNA 1 Module Five
comments Module Five Discussion

6. Additional Resource: Student Workbook

Module six contains a downloadable Student Workbook as an additional learning resource.

pageText Dermalogica DNA online: discovering top sellers workbook


The following certificates are awarded when the workshop is completed:

DNA 1 completion certificate
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