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Dermalogica PRO Microneedling

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Developed by global experts, Dermalogica’s NEW PRO Microneedling skin treatment combines innovative techniques, coupled with powerful professional-grade actives, to deliver your most advanced results for hyperpigmentation, pores and skin ageing. During this D-Stream workshop, you will discover our PRO Microneedling protocols which are adaptable to each client’s unique skin concerns and see our specialised signature microneedling technique in action. Whether you are a needling novice or more experienced, you will be provided with the tools and know-how to amplify your current treatment offering and results. With the microneedling skin treatment market rapidly expanding in response to growing consumer interest and demand, PRO Microneedling is an essential service to learn and add to your treatment menu. NOTE: This workshop includes an online quiz to earn certification.

Duration: 3 hours


The following certificates are required in order to enroll in this workshop:

Dermalogica Certified
Pro Power Peel Certificate


The following certificates are awarded when the workshop is completed:

Dermalogica Pro Microneedling
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