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D-Stream Dermalogica DNA 2: Showcasing Retail

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Dermalogica offers more than great skincare, it is a community dedicated to your success. Education is at our core and our mission is to bring respect to every member of our professional Tribe and propel you to next level in your career. You'll be armed with the knowledge and skills to achieve healthy skin for each and every one of your clients over the course of Dermalogica D.N.A. (Discover. Navigate. Achieve.) 


In Discovering Top Sellers, you will discover who we are, what sets us apart in the industry and why we do what we do, along with our top selling products that deliver on healthy skin. 

As you navigate through our award-winning retail products, you'll not only design your own personalised skin care regimen, but also gain the confidence to offer the best Dermalogica solutions for your client’s skin concerns. 


This workshop will boost your education, help you achieve your retail goals and is the beginning of your amazing journey with Dermalogica! Welcome to the Tribe! Click here for your D-Stream workshop product needs list. 


Click play on the video below to hear from one of our Experts and brand Advocates share what you'll gain when you attend Dermalogica D.N.A.  


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Here is the workshop outline:

Student workbook

Click on this module to download your student workbook which is packed with information to guide your through your workshop and beyond!

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DNA Dermalogica Showcasing Retail student workbook

D-stream link

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The following certificates are awarded when the workshop is completed:

Attendance Certificate
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