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Dermalogica DNA 1: Dermalogica PRO

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Achieving Professional Results is your time to experience Dermalogica in the treatment room! Discover and experience our professional products that will help you obtain the results that keep your clients coming back.


You will learn how to design bespoke Dermalogica ProSkin treatments which encompass:

  • Establishing the client’s skin priority
  • Understanding the skin’s health and tolerance
  • Selecting the appropriate products, techniques and tools

We will help you navigate through hands-on where you will give and receive a Dermalogica ProSkin 60 treatment starting with consultation all the way through to completing a skin fitness plan which involves a personalised product prescription.


This workshop provides you with the education you need to connect with your clients and achieve treatment room success!



The following certificates are awarded when the workshop is completed:

Attendance Certificate
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