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D-stream Targeted Service: PRO Clear

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PRO Clear is our targeted treatment for acne and breakout-prone skins.

Individuals can often associate acne with oily skin or simply clogged pores, but any skin type can experience a breakout. Yet, beyond the bump that’s felt erupting under the skin's surface few people grasp what is truly happening at the microscopic level of a breakout.
Acne can range from small patches of red skin with tiny bumps to large, painful, pustule, and scarring cysts. Acne isn’t one size fits all and neither are the treatments.
That is why PRO Clear is a comprehensive, personalized treatment that works to help clear breakouts.

In this workshop you will learn:
- The skin science of breakouts
- Perform the PRO Clear service on your own skin
- How to promote and achieve success with PRO Clear

Duration: 2.5 hours


The following certificates are required in order to enroll in this workshop:

Dermalogica Certified


The following certificates are awarded when the workshop is completed:

Attendance Certificate
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