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D-stream Targeted Service: PRO Bright

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Who wants brighter skin? Everybody! Whether your client has dull, lackluster skin or is struggling with hyperpigmentation then this is the workshop for you. Not only will we explore and learn the incredible PRO Bright treatment, but you will also learn why these skin concerns appear in the first place!

During this workshop we will:
- Review the melanogenesis process
- Discuss targeted treatments
- Discover the incredible Professional and retail formulas that deliver results
- Explore the PRO Bright treatment by performing a PRO Bright treatment on your own skin
- Learn how to maximize the business opportunities for PRO Bright

This action-packed workshop will give you all the knowledge, techniques, and expertise you need to deliver brighter skin to your existing clients and gain new clients, too.

Duration: 2.5hrs


The following certificates are required in order to enroll in this workshop:

Dermalogica Certified


The following certificates are awarded when the workshop is completed:

Attendance Certificate
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